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Petra Recovers 23.16-Carat Bubblegum Pink Diamond From Famous Williamson Mine in Tanzania

Since 1940, the Williamson Mine in Tanzania has been one of the world’s few sources of gem-quality “bubblegum” pink diamonds. On Friday, the mine’s owner, Petra Diamonds, announced that it recovered an extremely rare 23.16-carat pink diamond of exceptional color and clarity. The mining company described the gem as its most significant recovery from the […]

This $45K Thanksgiving Dinner Package Allows You to Swap Out Carrots for Carats

Imagine plunging your fork into the stuffing of your Thanksgiving dinner and pulling out a 2-carat diamond engagement ring. That scene could play out for up to three couples who take advantage of The Old Homestead Steakhouse’s $45,000 dinner package. The seven-course meal for a party of eight includes a mountain of luxury gifts, including […]