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Petra Recovers 23.16-Carat Bubblegum Pink Diamond From Famous Williamson Mine in Tanzania

Since 1940, the Williamson Mine in Tanzania has been one of the world’s few sources of gem-quality “bubblegum” pink diamonds. On Friday, the mine’s owner, Petra Diamonds, announced that it recovered an extremely rare 23.16-carat pink diamond of exceptional color and clarity. The mining company described the gem as its most significant recovery from the […]

Music Friday: The Light Inside of All of Us Is Like a Diamond, Sings Avril Lavigne in 'Fly'

Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you great songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the lyrics or title. Today, we have Canadian recording artist Avril Lavigne performing “Fly,” a power ballad inspired by the athletes of the Special Olympics. In this song about having the inner strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, […]

This $45K Thanksgiving Dinner Package Allows You to Swap Out Carrots for Carats

Imagine plunging your fork into the stuffing of your Thanksgiving dinner and pulling out a 2-carat diamond engagement ring. That scene could play out for up to three couples who take advantage of The Old Homestead Steakhouse’s $45,000 dinner package. The seven-course meal for a party of eight includes a mountain of luxury gifts, including […]