The Right Diamonds at Online Prices

When it comes to diamonds, we can compete with the Internet on price, but it can’t compete with us on service.

The Internet has changed the way people shop for everything from gifts to groceries. People are able to browse inventory that stores can’t begin to match, often accompanied by lower prices and convenient delivery. This works particularly well when you know what you want but don’t want to spend hours trekking around town searching for both the item and the best price.

Online shopping gets trickier with high-end items—like diamonds. With more at stake, buyers want to feel secure not only in the knowledge of what they’re buying, but also in who they’re buying it from. Suddenly, without anybody to help wade through unknown territory, clicking-and-buying seems scary instead of simple.

At Persin & Robbin, you can talk to someone whose business is knowing precious metals and gemstones. We are a trusted resource who can answer all of your questions and help you make this emotional and financial leap with confidence. And most importantly, we don’t view you as a transaction, but rather as a partner and long-term customer.

We know what you’re thinking: hand-holding is nice, but even the best service can’t outweigh cost savings. We understand, and so do internet vendors, who literally bank on customers feeling the exact same way. But guess what? At Persin & Robbin, we don’t want you to sacrifice service for savings. And to prove it, we have set our diamond prices to be competitive with online vendors.  We will never, however, adjust our service.  You’ll get the diamonds you want at the price you want, along with the trust, experience, and service that has been the cornerstone of our family-owned and operated business for the past 50+ years.