Jewelry Repair

Repair, Refurbish and Restore your family heirlooms with our Master Jeweler.


Bring in anything broken, incomplete, or worn that you have languishing in a jewelry box and let our experts make it like new. Our complete range of jewelry repairs includes prong, mounting, setting, and shank repair; re-cutting, replacement, repair, and refurbishing of gemstones; pearl restringing and re-knotting; replacement of clasps, hinges, and rivets; refinishing or re-plating of all precious metals; and chain repair.


Whether it’s your grandmother’s heirloom wedding ring or the flea market find of the century, we can restore it to its former glory. Our experience with all kinds of metals and styles guarantee that your vintage items will be the stunning showpieces you want them to be.


There are times when you find you’re no longer wearing what used to be a favorite piece of jewelry. The reasons for this are myriad—a ring no longer fits, you prefer a shorter chain, you got your ears pierced. Unlike clothes, which we pitch as soon as the fashions change, jewelry is an investment. Before you give up on it, consider resizing and conversion options that can make your old jewelry seem new—and lovable—again. We can even add engraving if you’d like to pass it on to a loved one as a sentimental gift. (If the piece simply doesn’t fit your fashion taste any longer, talk to us about remaking it with Custom Design.)

When your repair is finished, we’ll polish your piece to its original gleam, so that you can relive the dazzling day you first got it. Thereafter, we invite you to come in every six months for a complimentary while-you-wait cleaning and preventive maintenance inspection. Regular inspection can extend the life of your jewelry because it enables us to fix loose stones, worn settings, weak clasps, or rotting strings before breakage—or worse, loss—occurs. All services come with free estimates, warranties on our work, and insurance covering your valuables while they are in our store.