Corporate Gifts

The ideal gifts and the perfect presentation for clients and employees.

There’s a reason gold watches are traditional gifts for retiring employees. Just as a wedding ring is an enduring symbol of love without end, the gold watch is an enduring symbol of appreciation and thanks for dedicated time served. But because not every company wants to be traditional and not every occasion that deserves recognition is a retirement, Persin and Robbin’s comprehensive Corporate Gift program is designed to help you find just the right gifts for your unique needs. Whether you’re rewarding excellence, marking service milestones, expressing gratitude, or providing incentives, we’ll assist you in choosing sophisticated and inspiring fine jewelry gifts that recipients will cherish for years to come.

President Brad Robbin will personally consult with you to discuss the type of program you’d like to develop, your clientele and employees, your budget (and our purchasing incentives) and—perhaps most importantly—the statement you’re trying to make. Our corporate clients have anywhere from ten to several thousand employees, so we are expertly qualified to make suggestions, and show you examples of programs that have met needs comparable to yours.

We’ll carefully guide you through the selection process, explaining custom options as we go, always keeping your mission statement and budget in mind. Whether you’re looking for lifestyle gifts like keyrings or luxury items like pendants and rings, we offer both variety and quality at myriad price points. And If it’s gold watches you want, we carry the very best: Rolex — the watch brand whose very name signifies excellence.

Beyond what we have on-site, we can obtain limited-access designs through our trusted relationships with name brand vendors, and we’re also fully equipped to custom create or modify as you desire. State-of-the-art technology enables us to precisely duplicate any corporate logo on a range of items from pens to pendants. Logos, as well as personal messages or dates, can also be engraved on watches, keyrings, and jewelry. For tiered recognition programs, we offer pieces that accommodate an added stone, link, or charm as each level is reached. If it’s a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime gift you need, we can do that, too. In short, we’ll deliver anything you can conceive—and even what you can’t.

When the order is complete, we’ll bring it right to your company doorstep backed, as always, by our one-year guarantee. Because presentation is as much a part of gift-giving as the gift itself, we luxuriously hand-wrap every item in our trademark gold paper and green ribbon. When your client or employee sees our distinctive wrapping, he will know that something special is inside. And when he opens it, he will feel special, valued, and recognized, then and every time he looks at this lasting keepsake.