Jewelry Appraisals

Over 50 years of experience providing independent qualified evaluations.

Nobody wants to think about their favorite fine jewelry getting lost or stolen, but if the worst happens, knowing that you can replace it will lessen the sting. Don’t assume that your jewelry is covered under your homeowner’s policy; nearly all insurers have a limit for what they will payout on a single item, and items over that limit are covered under separately purchased riders whose premiums are based on jewelry appraisal values. We provide a free replacement cost appraisal with every piece of jewelry we sell, and we strongly encourage you to use it to purchase a reputable replacement insurance policy.

Even after you’ve insured your jewelry, the insurance will only be as good as the appraisal that determined the policy value in the first place. This means you must keep your jewelry appraisals up-to-date. With gold and gemstone prices fluctuating all the time, a current appraisal is the only way to ensure that if your jewelry is lost, damaged, or stolen that you will be adequately compensated to replace it. In this market, we recommend appraising your jewelry no less than every five years. It is particularly important that appraisals for branded jewelry—such as Rolex timepieces—be kept current, as name-brand values increase on a regular basis.

We’ve been appraising at Persin and Robbin since we opened our doors in 1959. We appraise not just the watches, jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds we sell, but also contract with an independent appraiser who will professionally evaluate jewelry items purchased elsewhere. Our independent jewelry appraiser is a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA). Because our appraiser is independent, you can feel confident that you will get an objective appraisal that accurately represents your jewelry’s value.

All independent jewelry appraisals include a photo and a detailed description of the item (which can be useful if you want to remake a lost item), including identification, grade and weight of the stones, the fineness and weight of the precious metal, the quality and workmanship, the item’s replacement value, and the methodology used in determining these attributes.

Our appraiser works out of our location every Wednesday. If you would like to have your items appraised, we ask that you stop by our store to drop off your jewelry. At that time, we will schedule your items for appraisal and notify you of the date that the appraisals will be completed. We will also call you when our appraiser has finished the appraisals to remind you that your items are ready for pick-up. If you are not sure if your items meet a certain value threshold for appraisal, we are happy to talk with you about the items when you drop them off.

The charges for our jewelry appraisals are $80 for each item. Please call us at 847-253-7900 or contact us to make an appraisal appointment or for any additional information.