Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago’s Northwestern suburbs, Persin & Robbin warmly welcomes guests to visit its impressive, dedicated Rolex showroom area. You’ll begin with a warm greeting and the beverage of your choice, while being invited to take a seat in our Rolex area to work hand-in-hand with a highly trained Rolex specialist. We recognize that the Rolex process can take time, especially when being introduced to it for the first time. We truly enjoy getting to know our Rolex guests and working to find the perfect timepieces for them.

All in the Family

For three generations, Persin & Robbin has served Chicagoland as a family-owned Official Rolex Jeweler. “The minute you become a Persin & Robbin customer, we become partners,” says owner Brad Robbin. “Partners working together to determine and meet your needs for both Rolex purchases and maintenance. We take the time and carry the track record to ensure that our partnership lasts a lifetime.”

Service from the Heart

Since Persin & Robbin has been selling Rolex timepieces since its founding in 1958, we have been designated as an Official Rolex Jeweler for over 64 years. We opened our newly renovated Rolex showroom in 2013. Comfort and privacy are our watch words there: surrounded by exquisite Aquaglass backdrops, light wood tones, comfortable seating and Rolex-filled showcases. We invite you to be our very special guest as we expertly and warmly introduce you to the world of Rolex.