When customers interested in Rolex work with Persin & Robbin, they benefit from a team of highly trained specialists that help them on their journey. These experienced professionals have not only completed stringent Rolex training programs designed to address all customer questions, desires, and concerns, but they are Rolex evangelists at heart; nothing gets them more excited than talking about Rolex and its timepieces.

Persin & Robbin, The Rolex Way

From exploring the intricacies of the Sky-Dweller’s complex annual calendar function to admiring the classic lines and ruggedness of the Submariner to taking flight with the pilot-ready technical appeal of the Air-King, Persin & Robbin is here to assist you with the purchase and ongoing care and maintenance of your Rolex timepiece. Our warm and inviting environment will provide you with an exceptional experience, proudly aligned with “The Rolex Way.”

Think Different

“We have always embraced the idea of doing things a little differently,” owner Brad Robbin explains. “My name is on the door, and that means the world to me. We strive to deliver the kind of ‘above-and-beyond’ experience to our Rolex guests that first-time visitors do not expect…that’s just our way of doing business here at Persin & Robbin.”